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Before I begin, I must recognize the support from my wife (aka “Kitten” – which she does not like to be called). Not only did she allow me to take a year’s leave without pay so I could write my books and kick start my consulting business, but she was also my go-to person when I need help with the logic and programming behind a difficult analysis. Many the times I have explained my problem and the functionality of ACL so that she could write the pseudo-code for me which I then converted to ACL commands. Typically it took her less than 30 minutes to program something that I had been working on for days (and she doesn’t know ACL).

My current plan is to write a blog that includes snippets from each of my 28 years of audit and my consulting both during and after my ‘retirement’. We will see if I manage to accomplish my goals – it is already several months since I retired and I only recently figured out how to develop and maintain a blog (with help from my daughter).

In this blog I have included estimates of the saving identified through the analytics, but perhaps more important are the lessons-learned at each stage of my development. I have learned many things from both the effort involved in performing the task and my mistakes in doing so. Some of the lesson-learned were evident immediately, other were only recognized many years after the initial event.

Lastly, please publicize this blog far and wide to allow everyone to learn from the contents. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the read.

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  1. Everything written before has been a ‘must read’ for anyone interested in analytics… I expect this to be no different, so roll on the next instalment.

  2. Whooyaaaa! We are going to learn a lot, because it is not just about coding. We need the ideas of what happened to then translate to coding. Hi to everyone!

    Thanks Dave and very happy to read you!

  3. That’s funny. My husband and I call each other “kitten” as in I’m outdoor kitten and he’s OMG i need the a/c “indoor kitten”

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